We go the extra mile for you, give you our spare coat if you need it. We are here to serve you and help make you a success. Because we know, we won't succeed unless you do.

We've developed great habits: excellence, integrity, persistence. We've replaced stuff if it doesn't work for you and we keep working at it till it does. 

Accountability sounds old-fashioned but it's a way of operating you can rely on.  in that We will do what we say we'll do. And if we see a problem, we take responsibility until it's resolved.

We respect you and each other. We embrace change to discover limitless horizons: continuing to learn, asking tough questions (what if...why not...) and questioning the status quo to uncover better solutions.

Our Story

For quite a few decades, Nielsen was known at the place to get everything you needed to start and stock your commercial kitchen. We had a catalog. Then we added a design department to make custom equipment for you. In the last two decades, the focus narrowed to fabricating custom pieces for our customers. That's our specialty today.