Nielsen Metal Manufacturing

We've done work for many of the top rated food and beverage destinations in the Upper Midwest, including some James Beard Award nominees.

We specialize in fabricating custom pieces for your commercial and residential stainless steel kitchen. We make sure you experience first hand our excellence, integrity and persistence in everything we do for you! It will be to your specific exacting needs to start and stock your kitchen! Most of our customers comment on our high value, short lead-time and convenience with regards to ordering custom fixtures. Our custom work's value is found in being exactly what you need compared to stock fixtures you can order from others.

Custom also works for you when you have to replace or add protective guards on your corners and splash areas (i.e. splash guards, corner guards, sneeze guards, cove base, etc.) Especially when the health inspector doesn't like something and you need to get your work area up and running Contact us.

We have fabrications in thousands of commercial and residential kitchens, in regional and national chains. And in unique locales that you've seen featured in articles, radio, TV and on every list of "places to go" for food and crafted beverages. Nielsen provides custom stainless steel fixtures for the restaurant, food preparation and private locations. We do counter tops, ventilation hoods, cabinet racks and anything else you need to make your business or private residence remarkable (literally, to get everyone talking about your kitchen and serving area). We also work with other metals like aluminum, copper and zinc.

We are NSF certified for certain products.