Latest projects

We did a blackened steel dining room table for a client...very robust--and remarkable that now everyone who's seen it wants one. Blackening can give the steel almost a beech, mahogany look.

We completed a kitchen overhaul for a local church.

Tap tower--you know for the premier brewing houses--with a 'zillion' taps/faucets was installed recently at a destination bar and grill in the Twin Cities for their open air/outside/patio bar.

Soon you'll see pics of railing we're doing for a restaurant's outside patio area.

Here's a kitchen work station that we did recently too.

With this will go a twelve-foot custom backsplash to accommodate the cabinetry.

With this will go a twelve-foot custom backsplash to accommodate the cabinetry.

Mods and Upgrades

Recent projects asked to modify a stainless table purchased online. No problem! Glad to help!

We also upgraded our tortilla maker for a client to make it more robust. We guess it takes a lot of 'oomph' to make tortillas.

Some Typical, Some Not

Here are some of the latest projects we've built: Custom sprayer booth with rod-style shelves; custom rolling sink; typical ventilation hood (ready for install, protective film still in place).

Under New Management

As of November 20, 2015 Nielsen Metal Manufacturing is under new management. It's the operating name for 4ward Steel Inc. which recently acquired the assets from Nielsen Metal Manufacturing Inc. The company is employee-owned in the sense that the 401(k) plan established for the benefit of its employees owns 98% of the shares.

The legacy of craftsmanship that you've experienced or heard about from others still lives on.

Nielsen Metal Manufacturing

Nielsen Metal Manufacturing