At Nielson's, we go the extra mile for you. We'll even give you a spare coat if you need it. We are here to serve you and help make your business a success. Why you may ask? Because we know we won't succeed unless you do too.

We've developed great habits like excellence, integrity and persistence, that have become our values. Need something replaced? We have you covered. Something not working? Let us take a look at it. Part of our promise is continuing to work on something until we get it right. What can we say? It's the Nielson way.

To some manufacturers, accountability may sound old-fashioned but to us, it's a way of operating you can rely on and a guarantee you can expect. That means that if there's ever a problem, we'll take responsibility and work on it until it's solved.

Our Story

For quite a few decades, Nielson was known as the place to get everything you needed to start and stock your commercial kitchen. We started with a pretty hefty catalog but added a design department in recent years to make custom equipment specifically for our clients. In the last two decades, the focus narrowed to fabricating custom pieces for our customers and that's been our specialty till today.